New Year, New CCSB Classifications Affecting LTL

Madison, WI – January 4, 2016


If you weren’t aware — and there’s been little hoopla accompanying the news — the Commodity Classification Standards Board (CCSB) last fall amended the National Motor Freight Classification® (NMFC) in several key areas that affect LTL carriers and the commodities shippers who use them.

These amendments went into effect December 19, and include the following:

  •         Ovens – baking, microwave, or convection – Items 26720, 26740, 26760, 26770, and 26780 are all cancelled and will be referred to new item 26710 which will be a density based item.

  •         Mowers – Item 125830 will be cancelled and will become 125835 which will be based on density and packaging.

  •         Ice Cream Makers – Items 121420, 121440, and 121500 will all be cancelled and referred to 121400 which will be a straight cl 77.5.

  •         Bucks, Casings, Frames, door – items 35760, 35960, 36570, 37880, 37900, and 37910 are canceled and will be referred to 33780 which will be density and packaging based.

  •         Channels, iron or steel – Item 104850 will be amended to reflect classifications based on length and density. Similar to what they did with pipe a couple of years ago.

  •         Shovels, Sidewalk Cleaners (scrapers), Snow Pushers, or Spades or Scoops – Item 185945 will be cancelled and 185950 will be amended to reflect classes based on packaging and density. Note that this is in Tools grouping and “snow pushers” here should not be confused with snow plows that are mounted onto a tractor or vehicle.

  •         Lifts, Ramps, or Runways, vehicle – 17760, 20210, and 20230 are all cancelled and referred to 111220 which will be classed based on length and density based.

  •         Toilets, chemical, decomposing, earth or incinerating type – Items 48780, 48785, 48787, 48790, and 48795 are all cancelled and referred to 183450 which will be density based. Does not apply when combined with buildings or structures for enclosing them. Note that this is not for toilets you’d find in your standard bathroom, 158880 is still applicable for them.

  •         Potatoes (Shoestring potatoes) – 74450 is changed to reflect that chips, crisps, or sticks is not applicable. Item 74800 (snack foods) is amended to reflect potato sticks. Full scale density applies.

  •         Cutters or Grinders, stump. New item 119130 will reflect classification based on packaging and density.

  •         Traps or Interceptors, grease, metal – 52550 and 52560 will be amended to remove any reference to grease traps. New item 52580 will be created for grease traps with final classification based on density.

  •         Slings or Pallets, paper combined with whole or halved paper tubes – Item 41400 cancelled and new item 150310 will apply with classification based on density.

  •         Traps – 66140 will be cancelled and referred to item 187120. 187120 will be amended to reflect 11 density subs instead of 9.

  •         Obsolete provisions – drying rooms or cabinets (60030), electric frying pan bodies (61050), mustard cake (74160), clay gatherers (117590), quoins (162550), cards, cotton or wool (184100), and wooden potato mashers (199270) are all canceled as obsolete.


For a pdf of the comprehensive list of changes:


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