FMCSA Formula Changes

FMCSA Seeks to Speed Up Safety Assessments New Rules Increase Reliance on Roadside Inspections CV Blog 1.18.16 By Will Workman   Trucking companies found in violation […]

Technology Conveys the Illusion of Progress

Technology Conveys the Illusion of Progress By Brad Hollister EVP, ClearView Audit   Steve Jobs. Love the visionary, hate the man. No matter where that name falls […]

Freight Uber

Will 2016 be the Year of Uber Disruption in Shipping? Competitors Multiplying in Freight, Parcel Delivery Space CV Blog 1.11.16 By Will Workman   In the […]

Freight Class Changes

New Year, New CCSB Classifications Affecting LTL Madison, WI – January 4, 2016   If you weren’t aware — and there’s been little hoopla accompanying the […]