Enormous Returns from Freight Payment Auditing

Within the cost complexities that accompany freight lie huge cost savings opportunities. Amazingly, as of 2010, transportation was over 50% of total logistics expenditures. In response, […]

Essential Freight Payment Auditing Procedures

Intelligent companies increasingly have begun to find the benefits of auditing freight payment. It is a critical process to analyze because of its high labor intensity […]

Avoid These Common 3PL Mistakes

Common Mistakes Made By 3PL Companies If you do not make mistakes in business, it means you aren’t really trying. We all make mistakes; smart business […]

The Importance of Benchmarking Small Parcel Costs

  Benchmarking Small Parcel Costs – Lesson 1: The importance of benchmarking:  Knowing where your pricing should be in negotiating your small package contracts.  If you […]