Discovering the Optimal Performance Level of Transportation Management Systems

Too often companies feel the need to dispose of their Transportation Management System (TMS), because, after the initial savings benefits and efficiency boost, businesses feel their […]

Change Management: A Crucial Skill in a Fast Moving Industry

Every facet of the freight business is transitioning. From production and warehouses to carriers and third-party logistics companies, the old-school techniques for executing shipments are clashing […]

Will Bigger be Better?

Will Bigger be Better? XPO’s integration performance will shape verdict on M&A frenzy CV Blog 2.1.16 By Will Workman   It’s a headache at multiple levels […]

Driver Turnover

That Nagging Driver Problem Won’t Go Away ATA data from 3Q 2015 show worrisome spike CV Blog 2.1.16    It’s been a known industry-wide problem for […]