Everyone has heard of Christmas in July, but for the parcel shipping and ecommerce shipping industries it takes on a different meaning. It means in just a few months ecommerce sales and parcel shipping are going to start to take off for the holiday season. It might seem a bit too early to bust out the lights and decorations, but it’s not too early to get ready to ship them. Your customers will appreciate that you’re prepared, and that will lead to improved revenue for you.

When it comes to ecommerce companies getting ready for the parcel shipping madness of the holiday season, there are steps to take. An obvious example is figuring out what people will be buying in a the next few months. You’ll want to increase your inventory of hot ticket items, and your manufacturers will need plenty of time to fill your orders so that you don’t run out of the number one ecommerce shipping item of the season. You’ll also need to make sure that your website is prepared for the onslaught of traffic for parcel shipping orders. Make sure your parcel shipping policies are outlined clearly, that your customers will have an easy ecommerce outlet experience, and that any potential hindrances to your ecommerce sales are gone.

The holiday season is one where parcel shipping and ecommerce shipping companies will want to be prepared. It’s also a time you’ll want to save money shipping and have an optimized supply chain. So yes, Christmas does start in July for parcel shipping and ecommerce shipping. But what do you need to do to optimize your supply chain and save money shipping to get ready for the next couple months? Here are a few places to get started:

Trends in Parcel Shipping:

Business to consumer ecommerce businesses aren’t just one model of parcel shipping any more. To optimize your supply chain and save money shipping this holiday season you should be aware of the new parcel shipping and delivery trends. Ecommerce companies must consider pickup/drop off options that are increasing in popularity lately. It’s a potential way to save money compared to delivering the package to each doorstep. It can help with supply chain optimization by having consumers pickup their package at a location easier for your ecommerce business to ship to. Additionally, speed of shipping has changed. A great deal of consumers may be expecting same-day shipping. Whatever the parcel shipping trends, become familiar with them now to figure out the details, pricing, and other ecommerce shipping issues with carriers sooner, rather than later.

Inbound Parcel Shipping:

It’s wonderful when ecommerce shipping business increases during the holiday season, but it also means parcel shipping returns will increase. The most important part of preparing for ecommerce shipping returns is to have a clearly outlined policy in place. Test the policy for clarity with people outside of your company. Returns during the peak season can slow things down and interfere with supply chain optimization. It can also be costly and make it harder to save money shipping during a busy parcel shipping season. Make sure that your return policy is clearly displayed on personal and third-party sites where your ecommerce company makes sales.

Optimize Packaging:

The biggest concerns to get prepared for with packaging is that it’s branded well, is suitable for dimensional and weight shipping rates, and has appropriate shipping labels to ease customer’s ability to return the product if necessary. Packaging must make sure goods aren’t damaged during a more intense parcel shipping period, and must have options and rules for returns with the same resealable, or other included repackaging materials.

Supply Chain Optimization:

Finally, Christmas in July is a wonderful time to optimize your supply chain. Consider all the issues that you’ve experienced with parcel shipping or your own ecommerce shipping business recently and fix the problems. You’ll want to take full advantage of your optimized supply chain management abilities during the peak holiday season, so fix up problems with your parcel shipping procedures now before your operations get tested. Address common customer complaints, improve your marketing, enhance customer service, and make sure your supply chain management is in perfect condition for a busy season and increased ecommerce sales.

There is more to be done in preparation for peak holiday parcel shipping and ecommerce shipping sales, but this is a good start for July. In only about three months ecommerce shipping sales are going to start climbing much more quickly. It’s important to be ready for the busiest parcel shipping season of the year. Keep an eye out for what needs to be changed for supply chain optimization to help you save money shipping. Get ready before the actual holidays arrive.

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