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Carrier Performance Auditing

We estimate that each year companies lose BILLIONS of dollars on shipments that are late, lost, damaged, inaccurately weighed, mislabeled, or improperly billed. The number is so large that carriers often try to convince shippers to waive their rights to recover these charges. Most companies do not have the resources, technology, processes, or industry expertise to pursue these eligible refunds. POWERFUL CARRIERS SUCH AS UPS AND FEDEX KNOW THIS. In just the category dominated by those two carriers, Parcel shipping, ClearView’s Auditing & Recovery service has helped our clients recover 4% to 12% of all shipping costs.


ClearView’s Audit & Recovery service begins with researching a client’s past shipping invoices for up to one year and reviewing all carrier agreements. We then identify the shipments which have been invoiced incorrectly and file service refund requests with carriers on our client’s behalf. In most large accounts, we find HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in savings.


For ongoing auditing support, ClearView’s Transportation Management System (TMS) integrates a range of evolving industry best practices. Clients can view real-time service status in all three primary shipping modes: Parcel, LTL (Less than Truckload) and Truckload. This allows our clients to monitor refund eligibility and status for each and every shipment.

Customer Service

Working in synch with our TMS, ClearView’s Operations department customer service representatives are constantly scanning your invoices for shipments that have been lost, damaged, or billed but not shipped. To ensure discounts are credited in all shipping modes, we monitor contract compliance, billing overcharges, and accessorial charges (such as residential charges, delivery area surcharges, dimensional weighting, early AM surcharge, and weekend delivery / pickup).

The combination of ClearView’s consulting, TMS, and ongoing Operations support generates critical monthly report data for clients, allowing them to monitor key shipping metrics in the following areas to uncover savings:


A well-managed supply chain, utilizing industry best practices, begins with ClearView Auditing & Recovery in all three primary shipping modes. To get started realizing massive savings, simply contact us; ClearView will do the rest.

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