However, few companies understand just how many options are available to them and how to find additional carriers eager to provide service. Transportation rates are calculated in a multitude of complex ways, and carriers use this to their advantage in contract negotiations. To help our clients achieve an optimal price-vs.-service mix, ClearView’s carrier optimization service assesses the strengths and weaknesses of each carrier and identifies the best option for each shipment. Because ClearView has been working with national, regional, and local freight carriers for more than 12 years, we are very familiar with the options available in each local market. We have longstanding relationships with executives from hundreds of carriers, and pride ourselves on introducing them to our customers and vice versa to forge lasting partnerships.

ClearView TMS Technology Benefits

60-Day Implementation

Getting started is easy! First, you provide us with a specified shipment history and a Letter of Authorization giving us permission to talk to freight carriers about your shipping characteristics. After we develop our proposal, which compiles your freight characteristics in an organized format, carriers can quickly evaluate your shipments and submit their proposals for our analysis. We then handle carrier negotiations to ensure all your shipping needs are addressed, and present our results to you for final approval and implementation.

Upon final selection of providers, we will load your rates into our easy-to-use Transportation Management System (TMS), which prioritizes all available freight carriers and brokers, shipment by shipment. For each shipment, your team has the ability to quickly select a carrier, print a Bill of Lading, track shipment status, and generate real-time reports–all from one website. Perhaps the best part of our rate negotiation service is that it places little demand on your staff resources. In the ClearView TMS our small fee is clearly disclosed and included on each shipment as a markup.

Finally, we come across this every day: companies that believe they already have advantageous pricing worked out with their carriers. Although we respectfully disagree with that assessment, we still offer a TMS that can scale across any company, providing shipping control over all major transportation modes from one centralized, web-based portal.


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