The ecommerce industry knows a lot about consumers when it comes to parcel shipping. For example, ecommerce companies are keenly aware of increasing consumer demands. Buyer expectations for parcel shipping are changing the relationship between shipper and carrier. The ecommerce shipping company and parcel carrier have different shipping technology and contract negotiations, because the call for faster and cheaper shipping has influenced the industry so greatly.

Another factor that has greatly affected ecommerce companies is Amazon. They offer a vast array of products at low prices, with even lower shipping costs, and fast shipping speeds. With Amazon as their competition, many parcel shipping companies are opting to use third-party logistics partners instead of direct carrier relationships. These companies are also changing their approach from emphasizing supply chain process improvement, to a customer centered logistics strategy.

Enhancing Ecommerce Customer Experience

The ecommerce industry has started to take notice of the significance of enhancing customer service experiences. They’ve been focusing on changes streamlining and simplifying online ordering processes, order fulfillment, and direct consumer communication. There are traditional goals of ecommerce and parcel shipping companies, like decreasing operational costs, but these can distract from customer service goals.

What is it consumers want? Well, it can be explained in a pretty simple ideal supply chain process. To the consumer, the parcel shipping dream is: better prices than your competitors, free and immediate shipping, real-time and increased shipment visibility, and same or next day delivery. Of course, this isn’t all realistic for most ecommerce companies. Those are parcel shipping perks available at pretty much only Amazon. The underlying concept, however, is that customers want more for their money.

Ways to Better Meet Consumer Demands

Effectively meeting the demands of your customers requires you to focus on them. It’s common to work on optimizing supply chains and parcel shipping processes to emphasize cutting your ecommerce company’s costs. Unfortunately, focusing on your company and hoping the benefits end up also helping your customers will not be enough.

This is why a lot of ecommerce companies utilize third-party help to increase affordability of parcel shipping, minimize billing inconsistency, ensure compliance, and act on data that implies customer service isn’t performing optimally. Shipping technology and industry experts must work together to improve customer service, and third-party logistics companies can with that, as well as address your ecommerce company’s profit concerns and other traditional supply chain management goals.

Customer Focused Logistics

Brand Recognition

When customers have a great experience with an ecommerce company, there’s a chance they’ll let someone know. If a consumer has an awful experience with your ecommerce company, they’ll let the world know. That’s just the way the parcel shipping industry goes. Ideally, all interactions between you and consumers should be positive and entice repeat buyers. Work with your customers, and be open. Handle both the order and any problems effectively.

Increase Visibility

Costs relating to ecommerce transactions are decreased when logistics focus on improving customer service. It provides greater visibility and cooperation between all parcel shipping processes. Having a complete view of the product lifecycle is important. Better visibility creates a transparent parcel shipping process to eliminate any confusion and more effectively satisfy the needs of your customers.

Proactive Supply Chain

Addressing issues after they happened is the worst-case scenario for your supply chain. Efficient ecommerce supply chains look out for potential problems before they arise. Companies need a whole view of their parcel shipping supply chain. Keeping all processes closed off and internal won’t be cost-effective or efficient. Working with third-party help can be efficient, because they can provide more accurate analyses, benchmarking, and reporting for your business.

Customer Service Strategy

Your supply chain can’t just be a matter of identifying and preventing problems. There needs to be clear direction. Shipping data and algorithms can be used to provide customers more than they otherwise would, but it has to be done without increasing costs. Most ecommerce companies can’t provide the customer with everything they want, but with the right strategy, you can give them a better parcel shipping experience than they needed.

Customer Service Based Logistics Offers Benefits

The ecommerce shipping and parcel shipping industries are experiencing many changes. Consumer demands are the leading cause for this change. The big challenge for parcel shipping supply chains is to still enhance ecommerce supply chain processes, while simultaneously optimizing customer service experiences. Ecommerce businesses need to build strategies to provide greater visibility, improve supply chains, and combine insight into issues and parcel shipping understanding to create a greater experience for the consumer.

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