Your business has a solid, well-designed structure. You have reliable tools and procedures for keeping track of important package data such as dimensions, weight, quantity and storage location, among other things. You may have invested in a technology or two, and that’s a great move.

Speaking of technology, a mobile handheld dimensioning system is a must-have for every business that wants to optimize their logistics management and ease the chaos that comes with shipping irregularly-shaped packages and handling large amounts of freight.

With a reliable handheld dimensioning system, you are not just simplifying those once- tedious tasks, but you are also able to deliver a solid and dependable return on investment to your business.

Surveyed customers have said that mobile, handheld dimensioning systems provide better efficiency and cut costs more than static or fixed dimensioning tools. Plus, the benefits of using handheld dimensioning devices are actually seen in two ways: in a business’ profit margin and in their customers’ satisfaction.

These handheld dimensioning systems are inexpensive. They are small and built for portability, so warehouse staff can easily use one whenever or wherever it is needed.

This portability significantly simplifies procedures for shipping, receiving and auditing. For the shipping part of the process, handheld dimensioning systems offer big benefits to ecommerce shipping, freight forwarding and package shipping in general. Shipping costs vary on certain objects and their package sizes. With a mobile dimensioning device, personnel can capture dimensions on outbound packages of any size and still ensure accurate calculation for better shipping rates or freight rates. These tools can also measure accurate pallet sizes on LTL freight shipments, reducing wasted space. A dimensioner with a bar code scanner can scan SKUs, plus quantity, unit type and dimension, meaning the exertion and time that are usually expended on capturing these data are practically eliminated.

Most mobile dimensioning systems also allow parcel auditing and package auditing on goods that are already in storage. Since personnel can walk to products to take measurements, rather than transporting them to a fixed measuring station, package or parcel auditing can be done in a fraction of the time and more efficiently than ever before. Some handheld dimensioning systems also provide the capability to print updated product labels on the spot.

Dimensioning is a bigger problem for larger, irregular objects; it can be labor-intensive and time-consuming. While oddly-shaped items may simply make the process more complicated, some items are too large to measure by traditional dimensioning systems. But the innovative mobile handheld dimensioning systems are able to handle even these. Products such as large sofas and bigger sports equipment can be thoroughly and accurately measured on the spot where they are stored, and the dimensional data are then uploaded to the host system.

A mobile dimensioner makes a business and its employees more efficient. Furthermore, the device can be configured along with a host system suited for the specific inventory, and this allows management data to be integrated into spreadsheets.

Overall, not only is time saved, but manual errors and other inefficiencies are eliminated when handheld dimensioning systems are employed in the shipping, storage and receiving links of the supply chain. These devices are an excellent investment for the merchant involved in any kind of parcel shipping or freight shipping, as they have the potential to bring considerable savings in parcel costs and freight costs.

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