In a digital world, most companies and individuals are searching for efficiency and ease.  The thought of paying freight providers and small parcel carriers has been an appealing option for many companies.  This is assuming the invoices from the carriers are accurate.  More and more companies have reason to suspect the accuracy of such invoices.

The challenge in properly auditing freight bills is first of all… who has time for it?  Most companies simply look at invoices and see if they ‘look’ right.  This is sad.  If anyone has ever seen an invoice or small parcel bill, they’ll tell you that these are confusing and complicated for a reason.  Shippers need a way to receive data electronically and electronic processes engineered to automatically compare the calculated invoice to the actual invoice received.  A full audit is important for companies to ensure the amount they are being invoiced by the carrier is the right amount and they are paying what they are supposed to be paying.  Understanding what is in your small parcel invoices is difficult to understand for must accountants and traffic managers.

A new startup named ‘Bill Sniffer’ has released the solution.  Bill Sniffer’s aim is to organize small parcel invoices in to a format which helps customers to understand what is in their small parcel invoices.  Shippers are able to upload their pdf invoices from both UPS and FedEx on the Bill Sniffer website ( and view the customer-generated report which breakdown all shipping metrics.


The number of services available to audit these shippers is now on the rise, and Bill Sniffer provides one such service. Bill Sniffer is a sleek and extremely user-friendly solution to audit FedEx. Bill Sniffer’s services are remarkably straightforward and can provide massive freight cost savings. This service should come as a huge relief to many companies, since freight bill auditing is time consuming, requires expertise, and can be very time consuming.

Bill Sniffer’s simple process is explained below and in the embedded video:

  1. Download your bill in PDF form from (or
  2. Upload your PDF file to the website
  3. Save money and view your report

 Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 3.30.42 PM

In addition to saving money, auditing freight payment can lead to paying carriers more quickly. Service providers who perform these shipments are paid the amount due to them for the work they actually performed quickly. This is able to strengthen carrier relationships and helps to optimize a company’s freight processes.

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