MADISON (3/16/2017) – CLEARVIEW AUDIT will start operating out of its new office (located in 6325 Odana Rd., Suite 2000) on March 20. This new office location is right next to the Beltline Highway in Madison.

The awaited location change comes as the result of a need for a higher level of auditing and analytics software technology by shippers and manufacturers than is currently offered in the logistics industry. The new location is 300% larger and will help to facilitate the operations and technology development of ClearView’s cutting edge offering. ClearView Audit’s growing staff can better care for the needs of its increasing clientele in the bigger and customized office.

ClearView Audit is moving up from the lower level at 6147 Odana Rd. to the top level of 6235 Odana Rd. “This latest move is our third move in twenty four months. Growth of 2210% in year over year revenue is not an easy thing to accommodate,” said Brad Hollister, Executive Vice President. ClearView Audit is creating new departments and expanding current ones to facilitate the addition of new employees and clients alike. ClearView Audit has made significant advances in creation of supply chain visibility software by changing the function and best practices of transportation management system (TMS) technology to better manage clients’ auditing, logistics, and supply chain needs. “The legacy systems which dominate the headlines of supply chain technologies will not be able to support the demands of their customers in the future. We simply do not see any existing technologies in the marketplace with the technological infrastructure nor flexibility to adequately address the needs of tomorrow’s supply chains,” said Brad Hollister.

The office space offers ample room for both the TMS technology team of developers to constantly improve ClearView Audit’s cutting-edge transportation management system and auditing technology to simplify the shipping process and for the expert operations team to improve best practices for their clients’ freight and parcel invoice auditing strategies. Through these developments ClearView isn’t just saving their clients money on shipping, but perfecting supply chains with industry best practices to utilize real-time data monitoring to allow for better business decisions.

ClearView’s early adopters and the clients who helped carry the innovation which has improved ClearView’s original vision of better shipping efficiency for its clients remain at the forefront, even during the business’s rapid expansion. Employees at ClearView have not lost sight of its stated mission: to bring clarity and control to all shipments. The move and expansion of ClearView Audit represents its strengths and the work it puts into supplying the best shipping services and TMS software the industry has to offer.

New Address:

ClearView Audit
6325 Odana Rd.
Madison, WI 53719

ClearView Audit is a major transportation management system (TMS) technology company and freight and parcel audit service provider aimed at supporting companies with annual shipping expenses between five million and one hundred million dollars across all modes of transportation. ClearView helps businesses regulate their shipping performance and payment at every phase of the shipping process through its proprietary TMS technology and auditing software able to handle all modes of shipping together with other services to aid in logistics management. Details are available on their website, by email at, or by phone at (855) 737-3444.

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