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ClearView: Top-notch Software for Enhanced Transportation

It has been stated that supply always hotly follows the heels of demand. The philosophy perhaps is best embodied by ClearView’s founders, Brad Hollister, the Chief Executive Officer, and Jason Swanson, the Chief Information Officer of the Madison headquartered transportation management software company. The company’s four-year experience, coupled with their in-depth understanding of the dictates of the current and future transportation industry, has enabled them to offer unmatched services – help customers to improve their day-to-day operational efficiency using the scalability of Cloud in their IT solutions. The intuition that Brad Hollister and Jason Swanson have regarding the transportation market’s complacency is the significance of accurate technology and the importance of utilizing multiple modes of transportation as well as auditing using a single platform. This has ushered in a novel level of of performance to companies that are using ClearView’s IT solutions.

Analyzing the prevailing market scenarios, Brad opines that many transportation companies endure to boost their operational efficiencies, yet fall short in evaluating their daily operations. To mitigate such phenomena, “ClearView has taken unprecedented steps to integrate all modes of transportation into a single, live platform, fully integrated with all the transportation providers (from parcel to freight and rail to ocean containers) and provides the most in-depth analytics available in the industry. These advanced real-time areas for cost savings alongside opportunities for operational and process improvement.”¬†The new kind of functionality offered by ClearView couples freight payment and audit alongside shipment execution and has made transportation companies become more effective in the delivery of services.

ClearView has created a transparent transportation supply chain to meet the demand of clients. Leveraging changing needs of shippers, the organization deploys its most potent cloud solution – Transportation Management Software – to offer its clients an infrastructure that allows them to make ratings, invoicing, tracking and tendering. According to Brad, the company’s cloud-based TMS has real-time capabilities in terms of analytics and its mobility makes it apt for companies. Further, ClearView possesses an all-unified thinking process and a very much scalable solutions offering linear scaling, and a remarkable dynamism with relation to services.

The focus on real-time analytics and real-time acquisition of data, through the cloud computing solutions offered by ClearView has helped in overcoming the competition generated by API-focused TMS solutions in an Artificial Intelligence manner. Manifestations of the success of solutions that are offered by ClearView are found in the visibility that its freight management platform offers to the entire transportation modes. Its engagement with a publicly traded oil services company helped the company to deploy its solution at sixteen locations in sixty days. This brings to light that the infrastructure utilized by ClearView has never been seen in the transportation industry. The ease-of-use of the company’s new transportation software, as well as its automation has allowed incorporation of several players that participate in real-time ¬†project, hence the incredible timeline and maximization of resources.

Looking ahead, the company aims to expand its services to the global transportation market through partnerships a direct sales effort. By focusing on flexible transportation management solutions for global shipments, ClearView will continue to meet the emerging challenges head-on n a manner that gives its clients unparalleled benefits.