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The e-commerce and parcel shipping industries are experiencing higher volumes at a faster pace than ever before. Companies looking to stay competitive in today’s market require innovative solutions for supply chain visibility, transportation management, and savings. ClearView has developed a unique transportation management system to provide real-time parcel data and analytics. These cutting-edge solutions deliver control tower supply chain visibility the industry has long called for, but never seen. Combining ClearView’s in-depth parcel data and analytics with superior parcel auditing solutions ensures efficiency and affordability across the entirety of the supply chain.

ClearView Audit collects data on parcel shipping rates, shipments, carrier performance, and more to find solutions to optimize supply chains and uncover savings opportunities. After selecting the optimal parcel carrier with the optimal route provided by ClearView’s original TMS, the technology provides real-time tracking of the shipment from pickup to delivery and through billing. Visibility occurs before every shipment goes through the rigorous parcel auditing to retrieve all unnecessarily lost expenses. Every line of each parcel invoice is meticulously reviewed by ClearView’s expert operations staff to find incorrect accessorial charges, ensure carrier service compliance, damage claims, and file disputes to recover the overcharges.

ClearView provides advanced shipping software capable of providing analytics that lead to real change in parcel shipping strategies, and parcel auditing services that can help you save money on parcel shipping. These are precisely the tools necessary to thrive in a competitive e-commerce market. Between ClearView’s proprietary, cutting-edge shipping software, intensive parcel invoice auditing, unrivaled supply chain visibility solutions, and dedicated staff who knows parcel industry best practices inside and out, ClearView can eliminate inefficiencies and uncover savings better than any of the legacy systems available on the market.

ClearView’s TMS technology helps shippers to obtain control tower visibility over their supply chain in real-time which makes it easier to analyze your supply chain operations and identify potential problems with a comprehensive understanding of shipments across all modes of transportation. ClearView Audit is changing the freight & parcel industry as many companies are waking up to their need for a one-stop shop for software and services to optimize supply chain efficiency and best practices.