While packages are taken off porches of American ecommerce shoppers throughout the year, there’s a considerable surge during the holidays. Do you know the sensation when you anticipate to see your package or parcel on your front doorstep, but it isn’t there? This sensation is recognizable to a lot of individuals.

As they say, the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, and these porch pirates would agree. For these thieves it’s all about opportunities. They don’t care if it’s a big package or small package, they’ll sit a while and wait to take unwatched packages.

This typically occurs in the middle of the day, just after the FedEx, UPS, or DHL delivery person drops off the package, someone goes in and takes it before you even knew it was delivered. People will watch delivery trucks, watch until the driver is out of sight, then run off with the package that was intended for you.

Around 11 million Americans have gotten their parcel snatched from their porch within the year, reported by August Home, Inc. It’s over the holidays that almost 70% of all package shipping to residential addresses happens. All this shows that statistically, only 3 out of 5 shoppers expecting a package delivery over the holidays will actually receive it. A sizable reason for so few holiday deliveries is resulting from parcel shipping thieves. So how do you be sure package shipping actually reaches your hands, and not the hands of somebody who took the package from your porch.

The Way to Handle Taken Packages

Based on your parcel provider, you may have a variety of choices if your parcel was delivered, but stolen from your doorstep later on. UPS and FedEx will start a tracing process if you get a hold of the sender of the parcel or package who used FedEx or UPS. Whoever shipped your package shipment follows up on the parcel shipping theft inspection. Your USPS claims procedure will begin when you file a theft grievance with the Postal Inspection Service about USPS parcel shipping stolen parcel.

Obviously you can also relay the theft to the police. Your credit card company may insure your taken purchase. For example, American Express shields its customers who were billed and then had their package stolen. There are restrictions, and you should speak to your package provider to discuss the specifics.

Preventing Package Shipping Theft

Each year, providers and shippers report numbers of misplaced deliveries and stolen or broken parcel. Ecommerce shipping continues to rise, making more chances for parcels to be taken from your porch. Don’t just sit by and let yourself be the target.

If you do a lot of ecommerce shopping and have a large amount of parcel shipping coming to your home, set up security cameras near your door or porch. Find a good camera that instantly signals you if somebody presses your doorbell. Better yet, get a security camera that has motion sensors. Informing parcel carriers where to put your packages so that any potential thieves will be caught on camera is a good preventative package shipping security measure.

You can also use Amazon Locker which is a good alternative to home delivery. As an alternative to arriving at your address, a delivery is sent to your Amazon Locker. This package shipping delivery method enables you to grab your parcel at your convenience. As soon as your package has arrived at the Amazon Locker, you’ll get a notice with a secure pick-up code.

UPS access point shipping lets you pick up your small parcel at a nearby shop, convenience store or the like. There are 4,400 UPS retailer locations throughout the United States. UPS also lets you track your shipment on their free mobile app to find the best locker point. UPS InfoNotice or UPS My Choice delivery notices and tracking number are also ways to keep track of package shipping with UPS right until the package is dropped off.

Package Shipping Insurance

The USPS, FedEx and and UPS offer free coverage of up to $100, which consists of express and ground shipping. Additional-value parcel shipping insurance is available through DHL, FedEx, and USPS. Researching different carriers and their parcel shipping coverage solutions will help parcel shippers lessen the expenses of additional insurance. Package insurance, parcel insurance, shipping insurance alternatives are all presented through FedEx, UPS, USPS and DHL, but they all have certain limitations and regulations.

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