Disregard the days when small parcel and package auditing was more trouble than it was worth. Auditing now implies the ability to expand parcel shipping performance and profits, yet many shipping companies still don’t utilize parcel auditing services. Here are some of the risks of being a small package shipping company without package invoice auditing.

  1. As a package shipper, you may be paying too much to transport your packages.
    Small parcel shipping costs shippers who don’t audit small package invoices much more than their competitors who use parcel auditing services. After small package auditing processes are deployed, unwarranted package shipping charges are made visible and can be avoided. Plus, reimbursement procedures for small parcel shipping claims are automatically set in motion.

  2. Better, less expensive shipping price quotes are possible as re-rates for parcel shippers.
    It’s very valuable to have a strategy for evaluating overall parcel shipping charges together with the most current parcel shipping prices for individual cost components, because package shipping expenses like fuel charges and accessorial fees are by no means constant. Without small package auditing your package shipments can wind up costing even more than the initial quoted total. Once it unveils overcharges in a small parcel shipping rate, parcel invoice auditing allows possibilities for re-rates.

  3. Small parcel shippers may be taking on additional shipping costs from delivery problems.
    Package theft and multiple unsuccessful delivery efforts are costly shipping fees, but they can be analyzed and reduced through parcel auditing services. Small package shipping best-practice recommendations can result for each shipper from this sophisticated, personalized shipping data analysis, which only parcel auditing offers.

  4. Parcel shippers could be wasting money and time on returns management.
    Package shippers often drop a lot of money on returns management. Small package auditing can reduce expensive parcel shipping issues at each step of the shipping process by supplying streamlined data and analytics to improve package shipping logistics management systems for shippers who offer their customers refunds.

  5. A lack of visibility can draw unwanted attention for parcel shippers.
    Customers today require accountability from their business partners, package shippers included. With increasingly more ecommerce shipping alternatives on the market world-wide, customers can pick small package shippers who fulfill all their package shipping criteria for ethical and legal practices, and responsible, cost-effective operating methods. Package auditing offers visibility over operational particulars, which can assure present customers, bring in new customers, and satisfy scrutiny from the legal or governmental areas.

  6. Lost or late shipments are more probable for package shipping.
    Small packages are easily slowed down, misplaced, or entirely lost. Able to take account of aggregated shipment data as well as shipment-specific information, parcel invoice auditing can predict the risky aspects of the package shipping process for any package and help shippers and package providers avert potential problems. Small parcel auditing can additionally optimize package shipping supply chains by examining shipping routes and package transportation and delivery schedules.

  7. Inaccurate package shipping data is often used by small package shippers to make crucial decisions about package shipping.
    Modern package shipping systems deal with high quantities of parcel shipping data and analytics in bulk, and in very little time. Mistakes made by both people and machines can bring about incorrect package shipping information getting assigned to particular packages, as well as skewing large sets of vital package shipping data. Parcel auditing, however, can detect lost or incorrect shipment data, including incorrect or incomplete scans, at an early stage and prevent the aggregation and use of inaccurate or misleading package shipment data.

  8. Parcel shippers could be depending on old shipping rate models.
    Parcel shipping price models are always developing. It can be hard for a package shipper to remain current and make sure their own techniques are in line with modern price calculation conventions that target package dimensions, rather than relying on traditional shipment classification models. Package shippers can improve their outdated logistics management and resolve difficulties while changing to dimensional pricing models by utilizing small package auditing services.

  9. Small parcel shippers may be hurting their customer support and aggravating their customers with out of date information.
    Customers’ shipping demands and worries can be better realized through parcel shipping data and analysis from package auditing. For customer support to work most effectively it must be qualified to supply present small package shipping data through their ecommerce shipping platforms, and the information on customer shipping requirements available from small package auditing may be used to provide these details through customer service systems.

  10. Package shippers might be experiencing delays and costs caused by incorrect manifests.
    The small package shipping manifest performs a major role for package shippers. If it is wrong in nearly any way, surcharges, shipping delays, confusion, and even customs fines might occur. Package shipping businesses can investigate and eliminate parcel shipping manifest errors with effective small package auditing analysis.

Particularly with regards to small parcel shipping expenses, parcel shippers who haven’t integrated package auditing services are missing opportunities for supply chain optimization across all parts of their package shipping procedure and logistics management strategies. In today’s parcel shipping industry, package shipping and auditing technology and management services are necessary resources to benefit from parcel shipping best practices for your package shipping company.

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