The future of freight market industry

What variables will have an effect on the freight marketplace in the near future may be a question for everyone stakeholders which includes: shippers, owner operators, logistics professionals, carriers, freight forwarders, supply chain consultants, and freight brokers. The freight marketplace appears to have been enjoying a slow-moving recovery after recent economic setbacks. A gradual, stable recovery is undoubtedly much more likely to endure the rollercoaster economy moving forward.
Though the economy could improve slower as compared to experts’ estimations, doesn´t imply the industry is definitely on course for a slip after the newly released gains during the second quarter of 2010.

With Shippers looking to find cheap freight, and getting higher freight quotes, loadboards can be a fantastic approach to connect shippers, freight brokers (logistics professionsals) and carriers. Load boards are an excellent method when searching to make use of Web services whether to find cheap freight, find loads, or empty trucks.

Naturally, in today´s international economic climate, China continues to remains a wildcard. The Chinese economy has fallen through the past quarter and if growth drops beneath 5%, it is most likely this may have an effect on the North American market in general particularly the freight industry.

On the other hand, not all challenges have to do with the worldwide marketplace. The freight trucking industry still has around 200,000 trucks on the sidelines; off the roads, holding back just about any extensive growth over the upcoming year. With less than the complete freight trucking industry infrastructure put to work, which may lessen margins yet again.

The logistics and transportation industry is engaged in poloarised dialogues on a variety of pending restrictions. New policies similar to hours of service changes, EOBRs and CSA 2010 may help make it much more difficult to find cheap freight. The work pool available for hire will be considerably reduced causing some sectors of the freight logistics industry to take a long time in order to recover to normal levels.

Even while intermodal transportation which has become a growing alternative for shippers, intermodal’s share of the freight market is increasing. Intermodal Shipments currently consist of around 14 percent of the complete freight market, although it accounts for just four percent of dry van traffic.

There are no signs it has the ability to have an affect on the demand of trucking logistics industry. Global communications along with global market as well as loadboards are certain to retain a demand on the steadily recovering freight industry.

Transportation (specifically trucking logistics industry) has seen long-awaited growth when it comes to a recovery. It may be mentioned however there are a number of items which may come into play which would risk a long-term growth in the logistics industry.


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