Implementing cloud-based transportation management systems (TMS) can offer you the following benefits: increased supply chain management within your company, improved customer satisfaction, and reduced shipping costs.

As businesses grow, their internal departments tend to develop into silos and become more isolated and protect information intensely. This leads to businesses becoming disoriented and having less efficient supply chain management. In order to improve supply chain productivity, increase logistics discipline, and create a unified organization, you might want to start looking to transportation management systems in the cloud.

Supply Chain Efficiency Boost

A cloud-based TMS can provide even partners across the globe with supply chain visibility and allow them to monitor their shipments while en route, and even notify all parties of delays or when checkpoints are hit.

Transportation management systems provide all a supplier needs for their supply chain and freight shipping processes. This includes printing barcode labels and the ability to enter advanced shipping notices. The system can also track and trace a shipment from the origin to its destination and alert the shipper if there would be any delays to help them gather data on carrier performance to make better shipping decisions down the road.

By automating label and manifest printing, as well as choosing the best carrier for the shipment, a modern TMS can help your company save money shipping and improve logistics and supply chain management efficiency. The cloud is becoming more prominent in every industry, and the shipping industry has started to realize the efficiency of shipping software being offered in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model over the cloud.

It’s normal for large freight shipping companies with numerous locations to send hundreds or even thousands of shipments every day, and with this freight shipping volume, being able to save money shipping, even just a few cents per shipment would already generate a significant ROI.

Getting more service offerings and reduced costs can be achieved through additional rate shopping capabilities gained through access to a bigger network of carriers. A SaaS transportation management system can help reduce the difficulty of shipping products across the globe, which can include reporting, documentation, regulations, and compliance issues.

Companies who adopt a cloud-based TMS can help save money shipping in many ways in the very first year. This shipping software is able to improve supply chain management to improve customer satisfaction, business relationships, shipping costs, delivery speeds, and more. Having the ability to access the shipping data on all of these factors over the Internet, because it’s hosted on the cloud, improves supply chain visibility.

To improve logistics and supply chain management and visibility further, a good cloud-based transportation management system vendor will offer services in addition to the shipping software. Parcel auditing, freight auditing, freight payment, and other supply chain management services can be used to increase supply chain visibility to help you save money shipping. Parcel auditing and freight auditing are also vital for logistics management, so auditing services should also be provided with the cloud-based shipping software.

Between the transportation management system shipping software, potential parcel auditing and freight auditing services, logistics management services, improved supply chain visibility, and the ability to save money shipping, there are numerous benefits to cloud-based TMS. Make the move to the cloud and improve business partnerships, carrier shipping rates, shipment savings, and better customer satisfaction.

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