Customers of ecommerce shipping companies are largely concerned with shipping rates and if they can get cheap shipping, so effective parcel shipping solutions are important for ecommerce shippers. Of course package shipping rates aren’t their only concern, parcel shipping speed also matters and affects ecommerce shipping sales. These ten best practices for parcel shipping services will help you to optimize your ecommerce shipping supply chain.

  1. Easy Access to Parcel Shipping Rates
    Customers will be concerned with cheap shipping prices and quick delivery and if they don’t have easy access to parcel shipping rates and delivery times ecommerce shipping sales will suffer. Make shipping rates available without login, provide estimated parcel shipping rates on the shopping cart page, and provide option for customers to enter their zip code to get online shipping rate quotes if your ecommerce shipping rates are location based.

  2. Include Package Shipping Information
    Knowing customers are concerned with cheap shipping prices means for good logistics management you must address their concerns on package shipping rates. Provide shipping rates on product pages without forcing customers to leave the page. Linking a popup window or new tab for parcel shipping rate and shipping services info on the product page is a good strategy for ecommerce shippers.

  3. Package Shipping Rate and Shipping Service Options
    Shipping services and parcel shipping prices should also be linked in the shopping cart. This is where customers select online shipping services looking for quick and cheap shipping. To increase ecommerce shipping sales link to shipping services and shipping rates without forcing the customer to leave the page.

  4. Parcel Shipping isn’t a Big Source of Profits
    Ecommerce shipping isn’t about profiting off online shipping services or parcel shipping rates. Don’t try to use package shipping prices as a means of making a lot of money. Customers can easily access ecommerce shipping competitors to look for cheap shipping and faster shipping services. Don’t increase parcel shipping prices or you’ll lose business.

  5. Cheap Shipping or Free Package Shipping
    Customers like cheap shipping rates, but they love free shipping. Since you shouldn’t try and make big profits from parcel shipping prices, consider offering free online shipping services for small packages if customers spend a little more to increase sales online, not through parcel shipping rates.

  6. Parcel Shipping Regions and Speed
    Show maps estimating parcel shipping times for different regions for UPS, FedEx, DHL, or whatever parcel carriers you use on shipping services pages. Customers want fast parcel shipping as much as they want cheap shipping prices, so estimated package delivery times are important for them to see.

  7. Next Day Parcel Shipping
    Even if customers select longer online shipping services, you should make package shipping next business day your standard. Fast parcel shipping services and cheap shipping prices are customers largest concern, if you sit on the order you risk late package delivery and dissatisfied customers. For express shipping services you may even want to practice same day parcel shipping.

  8. Tracking Numbers for Parcel Shipping
    You can build customer relationships immediately after the online shipping order is placed. Knowing their parcel shipping order has been placed and tracking their package are shipping services they care about. For ecommerce shipping, you should immediately send the package tracking number to your online shipping customer.

  9. Fix Lost Shipments
    Doing any amount of ecommerce shipping means it’s likely a package will be lost at some point. Cheap shipping and fast package delivery matter to customers, so lost packages are a serious issue. Even if it isn’t the online shipper’s fault, work to fix the shipping services error. Even if reshipping the package is the only solution, it should be done.

  10. Undersell Parcel Shipping
    Keep expectations shipping rate and shipping service expectations low. Other than express shipping services, give a few days buffer for your package shipping. Parcel shipping buffers help because with online shipping in the exact time it was supposed to take leaves customers satisfied, but they’re excited if parcel shipping comes in less than your allotted buffer days.

Ecommerce shipping depends on parcel shipping rates and fast online shipping services. Following these parcel shipping best practices will help to boost your small package shipping supply chain and enhance your ecommerce shipping company or online shipping services for your business. Cheap shipping prices and fast parcel shipping are customer’s primary concerns, so make the information available to them, don’t bump up prices on online shipping services, provide as much information as you can, and make sure parcel shipping services deliver on time.

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