The industry has seen a lot of changes lately, like increased competition and consumer call for lower shipping rates, or shippers trying to strike a balance between meeting regulations and saving money. The shipping industry is all about balance these days. In order for shippers to stay on top of these issues, transportation management systems are increasing in popularity as a method of saving money and increasing supply chain management efficiency. But how does your TMS provider help you to save money for your supply chain management operations?

Shipping Software and Shipping Data

One of the main goals of transportation management systems is to provide actionable shipping data to help improve your supply chain management, save money, and meet industry demands. Shipping software can increase visibility and control over shipping networks to boost the bottom line and avoid risks that used to regularly affect your supply chain.

Some of the capabilities of transportation management system providers include: control of shipment orders and deliveries, invoice auditing to decrease accessorial charges and file for refunds, improve customer service, monitor carrier performance, and increase supply chain efficiency. The combination of auditing and integration of other shipping software systems like ERP or WMS help to manage inventory and costs. The increased visibility and communication between different shipping software systems reduces errors, cuts costs, and improves logistics management operations.

It’s worth working with your TMS provider, because they can help you meet demand of new and existing markets. They can reduce shipping costs through freight consolidation, carrier selection, and a pairing of parcel and freight auditing which your TMS provider should also supply as a logistics management offering. The shipping software will give you an advantage over the competition by reducing supply chain management errors.

The Importance of Transportation Management

Supply chains need the right tools, resources, and care to be successful. The only way to ensure that supply chains survive is if the company finds ways to cut out inefficiencies and save money shipping. It’s important, however, for your entire business to implement the system, because if parts of the supply chain get left behind they will suffer and bring down the rest of it.

Uncertainty has always been a threat to logistics management for supply chain optimization. With larger companies than ever, however, this threat is even greater. There is a lot more data, and many more shipments for the shipping software to manage, and more invoices for the freight auditing to sort through. Modern and advanced TMS shipping software is the best way to combat issues with supply chain management.

The growth of transportation management systems in the freight shipping industry will continue to rise throughout the year, and beyond. The risks to supply chains are becoming too great for shippers who haven’t adopted TMS shipping software to automate logistics management operations. The benefits greatly outweigh the costs, and transportation management systems are vital for the continuing success of the shipping industry.

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