Small parcel shipping enterprises and other package shippers are thinking about how they could manage to get cheap shipping rates on packages following UK’s Royal Mail and Parcelforce increased postage rates.

To ensure they get reliable shipping prices on their small parcel, shippers might learn to use their own meters rather than stamps. This also enables them, if they decide, to make and aggregate their own accurate shipping data, which they are then able to evaluate. However, the small parcel shipper might not have the experience or technology that could help them to find additional methods for saving money on parcel shipping prices.

Implementing experienced outside resources to analyze the small parcel shipping company’s operations might be useful in a number of ways. The perfect solution for the small package shipping business is to invest in package logistics management systems, such as working with a package audit business. There are plenty of valuable shipping solutions a third party logistics provider (3PL) can provide customers who ship packages:

The shipping technology and shipping industry experience to effectively gather and review data to offer package shipping customers a clear view of all deliveries is available only with a package audit company or third party logistics management service. Parcel shipping companies are able to see correct and comprehensive data analysis on parcel carrier use, parcel shipping prices, and to whom and where they’re shipping packages at what amounts and with what consistency with audit company or third party logistics data.

Second, working with an advanced transportation management system (TMS) platform, the audit company can help the small package shipper to compare parcel carriers shipping services and fees or even implement a more cost effective multicarrier strategy.

Small Package shipping companies can make use of TMS systems and audit services to reduce delays, boost package shipping routes, and keep updated.

Small parcel shippers can use the audit company to analyze invoices and figure out the way to get cheap shipping prices on future shipments, or evaluate ignored options in the planning and shipping execution stages to save money shipping.

Finally, the information collected by the parcel audit company partner will help the small parcel shipper customer deliver visibility and the most current details to their existing customer base and to potential customers.

Parcel audit companies and 3PLs give their parcel shipping clients beneficial logistics management services, particularly after parcel shipping rates have increased. Building a long-term partnership with such a business proves to be worth the investment.

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