Savings through VisibilityFounded in 2013, ClearView Audit, LLC is a leading transportation management system (tms) shipping technology, and freight auditing and parcel auditing firm specializing in supply chain best practices and shipping cost reduction strategies for clients in North America. Our supply chain management experts serve our clients as trusted advisers to identify, develop, and execute an optimized supply chain model by integrating cutting-edge shipping technology and comprehensive transportation industry expertise in an evolving set of  logistics management best practices.

ClearView Audit positions itself as a sole provider of a complete range of TMS Technology Cloud Web Integration SaaScustomized shipping solutions, including: parcel auditing and freight auditing of shipping processes (including billing, pricing, and management); renegotiation of freight and parcel carrier shipping rate contracts; and a Transportation Management System (TMS) that operates in all three primary shipping modes (Parcel, LTL freight and Truckload freight), and includes freight optimization, inbound/dispatch, and accounting and auditing software. ClearView Audit helps clients leverage their shipping volume, resources, and relationships with all carriers.

freight carrier negotiatingBacked by a wealth of transportation industry expertise in niche areas, ClearView shipping technology supports effective, real-time data analytics to drive organizational forecasting and decision-making from top to bottom.

Finally, the ClearView customer service team offers a full-time Operations department to assist in supply chain management decisions, as well as a Technology department for shipping and auditing software support.

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